Posted on July 2nd, 2016

It all began on Mackinac Island in the year 1887.

Henry Murdick, a sail maker on Mackinac Island, was commissioned to make the awnings for the new Grand Hotel.  Henry saw that the visitors would soon be flocking to the island, so he and his wife Sarah, began making candy and fudge to sell to the tourists when they stayed at the Grand Hotel.

Their fudge soon became so popular, that Henry and his son, Jerome, had to come up with a way to make larger quantities at a time to keep up with the volume of fudge they were selling.   Hence the marble slab technique (now known as Mackinac Island Fudge) came into being.

Henry passed on his recipes to his son, Jerome, “Rome” Murdick, and Rome passed on the skills to his son, Gould.  Eventually Gould worked with his brother, Jerald, in Jerald’s store in Charlevoix, MI, which opened in the late 1950’s.  It was Jerald Murdick who first established the federal trademark on the name:  Murdick’s Famous Fudge, which is still owned by his son and daughter, Gary and Jeryl Murdick.  Gary and Jeryl operated the Murdick’s Fudge store in Charlevoix  until 2015, at which time they decided to retire and sold the historic, old building.  It was in this building that Francis G. Murdick and John F. Murdick learned to make fudge.  Fran Murdick opened a store in Mackinaw City in the 1980’s.  John, his son, and Aaron, Fran’s Grandson, helped him in his store until he passed away.  John and Aaron still make fudge in Mackinaw City at our store daily.

All Murdick stores are not franchises.  They are not connected to each other. 

Doug Murdick (Rome’s adopted son) owns several stores in the Traverse City area.  Celeste Murdick, Jerald’s granddaughter, owns a store in Charlevoix.  KarenAnn Murdick, Jerald’s granddaughter, now owns the Frankenmuth Murdick’s Fudge store.

And, of course, we, John and Aaron Murdick (Jerald’s grandson and great-grandson) our own store in Mackinaw City.

  Our family cannot vouch for the fudge made in any stores that are not owned by Murdicks.

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