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Murdick’s Famous Fudge® Christmas Package – 9 Slice Special – Boxed and Labeled Separately


Price Includes S & H!

The PERFECT solution for individual gifts at any time of the year! Choose 9 slices of any fudge flavors – sent in 9 separate boxes, labeled.  Ea. slice approximately 1/2 lb.  We ship 2 day PRIORITY MAIL through the USPS.  You will receive a shipping notice via email with tracking number when shipped. Our fudge is GLUTEN-FREE, TRANS FAT FREE, AND ALL NATURAL (Cookies and Cream is NOT gluten free).  Fudge does not melt.  Fudge freezes well in zip lock freezer bags if you wish to enjoy it at a later date.  This package includes a Christmas Greetings card for you to include a special message and a Murdick’s brochure that provides a brief history of our fudge family.

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