WE Offer Samples!!!! BEWARE of Stores Who Don’t!!!

Posted on July 2nd, 2016

We were told by several customers today that some fudge stores on Mackinac Island do not offer samples of their fudge.  We find this hard to believe.  WE encourage samples of our fudge because we know that once you try our fudge, we will have you for a life-long customer!

When on vacation, you have to ask yourself a question.  Why would a fudge store not want to give samples of their fudge?  Could it be perhaps that if you tried the fudge you would not want to buy it?  Hmmm.  Beware!  Don’t just shop price!  All fudge is not the same!

Our fudge is made with fresh cream, real butter and 100% pure Belgian chocolate.  Our fudge is all natural and contains no preservatives, no trans fat, and no gluten!

Be smart shoppers folks…in an area full of fudge stores, you need to ask the locals at some of the other shops and restaurants in town for their opinions.  You will likely get a better idea of where to purchase your fudge, whitefish and pasties (the triumvirate)!

Of course the hotels on the strip are all owned by one family in Mackinaw City and, of course, they give out coupons to all of their restaurants, and their fudge shops…trying to keep all of the customers in their own circle of the town.  But if you are new to the area, you should venture out and try different restaurants, shops and fudge.

Everyone is different, so we always say: try the fudge, then buy what you like best!  We are counting on the fact that our fudge is predominantly considered the BEST OF MACKINAW!!!

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